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Why Choose Us ?

We like to get personal

We are a small wine company but big on personal service.  

How big?  Put it this way, many of our customers are now our friends.  Good wines, after all, are for sharing.  We want you to enjoy our wines as much as we do.

We like to talk with you, make suggestions, make sure you get your wines promptly (if you live in the Newcastle upon Tyne region, deliveries are free), and we like to get your feedback. 

You want a quaffable but sassy red for a party, and you’re on a tight budget?  Ooooh, perfect.  Michael loves a challenge.  Or maybe you want five different wines for a five-course dinner amongst wine buff friends.  Aha!  Michael’s nose is twitching already.

We like to drink wine

Sounds obvious but think about it.  ‘We like to drink wine’ means we, ahem, consume a reasonable amount (well, ok, an unreasonable amount).  This means we have tasted some scorchers and spat out some plonkers.  If we don’t like something, we would find it very hard to recommend and sell it to you.  Result?  We only stock wines that we’ve tasted, enjoyed and that we would happily keep in the cellar to bring out to share with friends and family.

We can, hand on heart, say that we have tasted every single wine that we stock.  Sometimes, on a frighteningly regular basis. 

We like to keep things simple

We don’t sell wines that we would not drink ourselves.
We don’t stock wines that you would find in big multiples or supermarkets.  Ours are often from small producers  -  interesting, different, good value, unexpected.
We don’t expect you to be a wine expert (that’s our job) but we don’t mind if you are.
We don’t sell you a more expensive wine if a cheaper one fits your brief.
We don’t expect you to invite us in for a glass of wine, but we don’t mind if you do (only joking!).