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a bottle of guntrum riesling special offer
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Guntrum Riesling Special Offer

Price: £64.20

Buy 2 and save 10%

A very special offer for this 2004 Guntrum Riesling - superb on it's own and even better with Asian food.

Vintage: 2004
Colour: Mixed Cases
Variety: Mixed Cases
Origin: Mixed
Style: Mixed
When to Drink: Wines to Drink Now

The Guntrum Riesling has a lovely peachy nose character with typical bracing acidity and lingering delicate citrus fruit on the palate. Harmonious marriage of fruit and acidity. Perfect with ‘fusion’ cuisine, fish, white meats and as an aperitif a wonderful clean wine that prepares your palate.

A taste of Southern France - 6 bottle mixed case


Enjoy a taste of Southern France with this 6 bottle selection containing the following wines 1 bottle of Calmel & Joseph Caramany 2 bottles of Rousanne Chardonnay from Domaine Felines Jourdan 1 bottle of In Fine Blanc from Collioure 1 bottle of In Fine Rouge from Collioure and 1 bottle of Baillaury 5 year old Banyuls Traditionnels - Delicious! Colour: Mixed Cases
Variety: Mixed Cases
Style: Mixed
Origin: France
Bottle Size: 75cl

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