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a bottle of mas daumas gassac rouge 2007 vintage
when to drink: wines to lay down

Mas Daumas Gassac Rouge 2007 Vintage

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Does Nature know best?

Consider Daumas Gassac's 2007 vintage, the 30th!

Until recently, fixing the date to start grape pricking in the Languedoc midi has never been a problem.  Grapes Ripened, ready for harvesting, at more or less the same time in all the vineyards.  Obviously, producers of the best regarded wines picked last.

But over the last five years climate change has had a huge effect, not only in the Languedoc but in all the great French wine producing areas.  Each producer now has to ask - should I pick on the traditional, classic dates, this is 110-115 days after flowering, or at the end of the vegetative cycle, precisely when the stalks attaching the bunches to the vine stems become hard and dry, in 2007 this was on average 100 days after flowering?

The moment when the stem becomes dark and woody marks the exact moment when the aromas are rare, subtle qualities are at their peak.  From then on, each day adds to the sugar content and thus the alcohol level but, simultaneously, burns up the quintessential components that are at the root of a great wine and its character.

It follows that the vineyards such as Daumas Gassac, which give birth to outstanding vintages, have no option but to start picking at the end of the vegetative cycle when the stalks become dark and woody, the grapes have ceased getting nourishment from the vine and delay would simply mean a more concentrated fruit and raised alcohol levels.

For Daumas Gassac, the year 2007 meant starting to pick a hundred days after flowering rather than wait for the traditional 112 which used to be when our grapes became fully mature.  It's an astonishing revolution even to those outside the world of agriculture.

The 2007 vintage gives every indication of being superb.  Why?  Because we accepted that nature knows best!  It will be a touch less alcoholic than some years, but it is already showing every sign of utterly fabulous aromas and flavours.  It is the proof that winemakers need to develop the modesty of listening to nature and taking heed of the message!

Obviously, this willingness to bend with climate change is vital to the producer of an outstanding vintage, but may not apply to other producers; it may well come as a surprise to anyone who is inclined to forget that superlative wines can only emerge from great land managed by a "vigneron" who is sufficiently aware to listen to, understand and obey the laws of nature, even when these impose surprising breaks with the past.

Les Vignerons, Veronique, Aime, Samuel, Gael et Roman Guibert

Vintage: 2007
Colour: Red
Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
Producer: Moulin de Gassac
Origin: South West France and the Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Style: Aged Wines and Rarities
When to Drink: Wines to Lay down
Bottle Size: 75cl
Bin Number: 1577

Domaine de Cantaussels Cabernet Sauvignon, Cote de Thongue


This deep ruby coloured Languedoc Cabernet is perfumed with blackberry and vanilla spice. The exuberance of dark fruit and firm tannins is mellowed in the barrel with scrubland herbs and minerals adding layers of complexity. The full bodied complex palate carries hints of oak and a long satisfying finish. Great with grilled meats, lamb, beef or cassoulet and mature cheeses. Colour: Red
Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
Style: Smooth, Medium Bodied Red Wines
Origin: France
Vintage: 2013/16
Bottle Size: 75cl

Mas Daumas Gassac Rouge 2006 Vintage


Colour: Red
Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
Style: Aged Wines and Rarities
Origin: France
Vintage: 2006
Bottle Size: 75cl

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