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a bottle of cool coast sauvignon blanc, casa silva, paredones estate, coastal colchagua valley
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Cool Coast Sauvignon Blanc, Casa Silva, Paredones Estate, Coastal Colchagua Valley

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First wine ever made from the Cool Coastal hills of Colchagua Valley, revolutionising perceptions of Chile’s most awarded Valley & its cool climate dimension.
Pioneer terroir that combines the bracing freshness of the South Pacific with the vibrant minerality of its Coastal soils.

Tasting Notes  Intense aromas of fresh pineapple with citric notes. The palate is firm with refreshing acidity and mineral character. A very elegant and long finish which reflects the cooler climate and terroir.

Origin  Paredones Estate, the first vineyard of the Cool Coastal hills of the Colchagua Valley, 8 kilometers away from the Pacific Ocean.  Strong influence of the Humboldt Current: it brings cold ocean water from Antarctica, creates heavy fog during the day in summertime and keeps the maximum temperature always below 26ºC.  Soils of granite origin with red clay and quartz gravel.

Harvest  15th to 21st of March.  100% hand picked grapes, pre-selected in the vineyard according to quality classification and ripeness.

Vinification  Grapes cooled down below 5ºC upon arrival at the winery. Hand sorting of bunches before press to select only the best.  Crushing of whole bunches and immediate juice separation without maceration.  Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 24 days at 13ºC.

Ageing  100% in stainless steel tanks.

Food Pairing  Outstanding companion for seafood, especially oyster and sea urchins.

So you've got your head round the new Chilean cool-climate regions: Leyda, San Antonio, Elqui, Limari.  Here's another for you – coastal Colchagua.  And this Sauvignon Blanc is the first wine to be released from this new region, in vineyards recently planted at Paredones, just six kilometres from the sea.

It's a startling wine, with amazing freshness and precision.  It's fully ripe but it's stunningly pure and intense.  Could this be Chile's 'Cloudy Bay'?  A Sauvignon so distinctive and arresting that it becomes a bit of an icon?

Casa Silva 'Cool Coast' Sauvignon Blanc 2009 - Colchagua, Chile - 13.5% alcohol

Aromatic, fresh, pure, linear nose showing grapefruit and mineral characters. Almost alarmingly pure and transparent, with a hint of saline.  The palate is intense and precise, with high acidity and dense grapefruit and lemon character, as well as some brine notes and piercing minerality.  It's incredibly fresh yet shows no rough edges, avoiding austerity yet not tending towards fatness or blowsiness at all.  I love it.  92/100.

Casa Silva, Paredones Estate Cool Coast Sauvignon Blanc 2009

“Chile’s Cloudy Bay? Sauvignon Blanc from Coastal Colchagua”

 Jamie Goode,

This wine, one of the first from Paredones, a new, super-cool Chilean region, just gets better and better. I first tasted it just over a year ago (see this review) and was impressed by how nervy, firm and smoky it was (I saw a parallel with the delicious PHI Sauvignons from the cooler reaches of the Yarra Valley in Australia) but I wrote 'You could enjoy it now but I suspect it will be better in a few months'. The other day, I had the chance to re-taste it and indeed, it is even more delicious. It still has wonderful definition and precision but the fruit has opened out a bit to present whitecurrant fruit as well as all the initial leafiness. This unoaked wine seems so much more sophisticated than most Chilean Sauvignons. However worthy some of them can be, most strike me as a little sweet, whereas this one is bone dry. It seems to me that it would go much better with food than most Sauvignons.

Paredones is the name of a town between the famous Apalta cluster of top vineyards in Colchagua and the coast, and this wine is made from vines that benefit from the cooling Pacific influence that is responsible for so many fine, cool-climate wines the length of North and South America's western coast.  It's good to see that Casa Silva, Cool Coast Sauvignon Blanc 2010 Paredones (although note that Paredones is not - yet? - an official appellation) is in the new, improved selection available in the recently revived Wine Rack shops as well as from Averys in the UK. The wine is also available in the US, Brazil and Holland. Prices are unusually similar whichever the market.

It seemed particularly appropriate to feature this wine this week as the innovative Casa Silva boast as technical overseer Mario Geisse, the Chilean whose personal project is Cave Geisse, producer of the most impressive 1998 Brazilian sparkling wine which kicked off my Beyond Bordeaux tasting in Hong Kong on Monday night at WineFuture. It was good to see his son Daniel, who works closely with him in both Brazil and Chile, at this international get-together.

I look forward to seeing how this wine and this region develop over time, and I marvel at how energetically Chilean wine producers are finding and developing new, cooler regions.
11 Nov 2011 by Jancis Robinson


Vintage: 2011
Colour: White
Variety: Sauvignon Blanc
Producer: Casa Silva
Origin: Chile
Style: Aromatic and Medium Dry White Wines
When to Drink: Wines to Drink Now
Bottle Size: 75cl
Bin Number: 1561

A delightful with that ticks all the boxes, lovely aromas, beautifully balanced on the palate. Great as an aperitif and even better with food!

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