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a bottle of manzanilla deliciosa, valdespino
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Manzanilla Deliciosa, Valdespino

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Sherry is a world class wine, often criminally underrated, and it needs to be thought of as a wine first and foremost, only incidentally should it be saddled with the 'fortified' tag.  Bear in mind that the Fino and Manzanilla wines are only 15%!  One of the leading lights in Jerez is the venerable bodega of Valdespino, ably run by the estimable Eduardo Ojeda.  Their range of high quality wines is staggering, from delicate, salty Manzanilla to unctuous PX and Moscatel.

Having moved in relatively recent times to the new bodega site on the outskirts of town, Valdespino has left its historic Calle Ponce bodega behind, but the name and the priceless inheritance of soleras, barrels and tradition lives on in the name of the Palo Cortado, and the continuity offered by Eduardo Ojeda's involvement.  He is indeed a walking encyclopedia of sherry, one of the pillars of the trade.

Part of the strength of Valdespino is in their top-rated Macharnudo vineyards and the grapes that come from its dazzlingly white, chalky and water retaining albariza soil.  They have at their disposal over 400 hectares of Palomino vines.  It forms the basis of the justifiably famous Macharnudo-derived solera that yields not only the biologically-aged Inocente Fino, but also the flor-aged and partially oxidatively-aged Tio Diego Amontillado, CP Palo Cortado and the legendary Cardenal Palo Cortado, whose origins date back to the C19th.

A refreshing style of sherry made in the seaside town of Smlucar de Barrameda.  This Manzanilla is a very pale light style.  Due to the humid martime air of Somlucar the maturation of the wine tends to be slower which allows all the flavours of the Manzanilla to come through. 

As the grapes are often picked slightly less ripe for Manzanilla compared to other sherries you tend to get a higher acidity which makes it an ideal match with food.

Type: Spirits
Variety: Sherry
Producer: Valdespino
When to Drink: Wines to Drink Now
Bottle Size: 75cl
Bin Number: 1373

Pale in colour with a slight salty tang. Well chilled it is perfect with olives and nuts.

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