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Private Tastings

Some happy customers...

Thank you for running our Senior Common Room wine tasting - everyone enjoyed it immensely and we found it both fun and educational.

February 2012


These are a great way to entertain clients or friends, have some fun or improve your wine knowledge.  In our experience, it’s usually a mix of all three.  The idea is to taste, and learn about, a selection of wines in a relaxed, sociable situation  -  with or without a competitive element!  -  with Michael acting as your genial wine tutor. 

There are several ways the event can be organised.  Guests can be divided into teams and given wines to blind-taste while Michael gives an accompanying talk.  Or we can arrange a more structured event where you can learn the basic techniques of wine-tasting, perhaps with a quiz at the end.  These are an excellent way to improve people’s wine confidence while having fun at the same time.

If you want something a little bit different, why not try ‘Call My Bluff’?  A panel of ‘experts’ (chosen by ourselves or the host) attempts to fool the audience with their wine descriptions while the audience do their best to uncover the truth. 

For those with more wine knowledge, we can tailor-make the tasting.  You might, for example, want to compare Old and New World Sauvignon Blanc wines, examine wines of the Rhone or compare different vintages of the same wine.

Events can be for any size (though probably 10 is a sensible minimum), formal or informal, with or without food.  We kick off with a glass of wine as a palate-cleanser, then move on to the wine tasting.  We provide all glasses, wines, spittoons, tasting notes, tasting sheets and competition sheets, and can also recommend caterers.  Please contact us to discuss organising your event.